This quick sketch of a muse paging through a book is a little offering to the Arts to help me keep focus as I direct myself toward a stronger understanding of the human form. It is important to work from life, but in-between or just because: why not focus on some masterworks? Either in sculpture at the local museum, or from sketches of the old masters, or old photo-shoots with models for commissions, or sporto mags, or ballet programs; just keep plugging along. Most of these are from 2007 when I was briefly lost in Kansas, or 2008 in the isolated wilds of Montana.
Drawn from a Hellenic torso in the Nelson Atkins art museum in Kansas City, MO.
If you look at the dates it becomes apparent that structural practice with the figure is an ongoing concern. The Hellenic torso is from way back in 2008 when I first bought the gray pens and thought I'd try them out.
Making an initial drawing with shades of gray, then following up with colored pens; reading along with Drawing From The Masters by Robert Beverly Hale.
Sports Illustrated has great anatomical lessons for doodling about.
This was a ballet brochure. X-ray vision here, and fleshed out below.
Drawing comparitive horse/human anatomy, from Leonardo Da Vinci.
Peter Paul Rubens
Raphael. Any drawing you can find of Raphael: draw it- his shorthand for complex anatomical ideas is amazing.
Michelangelo- to learn how all the tendons and muscles go. 
Rembrandt. Light and value to reveal structure.
Raphael. purity of form at its best
Michelangelo. Mass and form as motion.
Michelangelo. Balance and tension.
Michelangelo. Structural anatomy.
Michelangelo. Shoulder girdle v Pelvic girdle.
Andrea del Sarto. Posture with tension.
Raphael. Weight bearing lifted shoulder girdle. 
Pontormo. Contraposto with elevated arm.
Tintoretto. Plane, volume, gesture.
Raphael. pen and ink
del Sarto. pen and ink
Fuseli. Gesture. 2007
Male model with tension; pulling inward. Working toward pose for Orpheus & Eurydice.
Male model with tension; leaning forward from ropes anchored behind. Working toward pose for Orpheus & Eurydice.
Male model with tension. One foot and one arm holding anchored rope. Working toward pose for Orpheus & Eurydice.
Drawing from 1/2 life size sculpture- sculpture is in my 3D folio.
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