Intron Figures
2002. Solo Show. MFA
The Intron Figures, of Beeswax and Hemp figures suspended by silk sleeved over long titanium poles, allude to a conception of the proto-self unscathed by the pressures of time and permanence. Intron refers to DNA sections that do not encode during replication of the protein the gene produces. They have no known function, yet allow alternative splicing of a gene from "old code" discarded genetic material. Introns exhibit a genetic past that no longer finds form, mirrored by the wax form in lost-wax casting.
An operational Trebouchet is armed with an Intron Figure. This unit is at the far side of the gallery, trained upon the entrance/stairway/audience.
The show repeats these figures in Aluminum (Recombinant Figures), and Bronze (Sequential Figures), investigating multiple concepts of mortality.
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