Man with Heavy Ball
Half-Life Size Bronze Figure
My brother-in-law posed for this when he was 49 years old. He is super fit and quite tall.  The form was created from a photo series. There are drawbacks to working this way; volume, mass, dynamic of gravity, anatomical nuance all can suffer. The plus is that I can stretch the work out durning busy times when my focus is elsewhere. In this instance it was splitting my time between helping my father in Montana as he succumbed to cancer, and moving my now-wife and I from Kansas City to Salt Lake City, Utah.
This is a half life-size bronze figure. I created the original in plastecine, then made a silicon mold backed with plaster. He was rough-cast in bronze two years later when my new shop was set up and two major public commissions had been finished. Having my own shop allows me to complete the welding and chasing, lowering the cost of production significantly.

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