Recombinant & Sequential Figures
2001. Bronze. Aluminum. Solo Show. MFA Thesis.
The aluminum Recombinant Figure series repeat body parts upon the figure to explore existential questions of identity. (Recombinant DNA is created artificially. DNA from two or more sources is incorporated into a single recombinant molecule.) Recombinant methods explore existential questions of identity, free of identifiable allegory, suggesting universal human qualities while also remaining open-ended expressions for the viewer to develop a personal dialogue.

My Sequential Figures explore the human condition within cast bronze process. Sequential figures retain process marks from wax seam lines to bronze pour to welding. This relates to DNA/RNA replication, as order and process determine form: in genetics terminology DNA Sequencing is the process of determining the nucleotide order of a given DNA fragment. The Sequential Figures includes intentional imperfections that tangibly exhibit the incredible forces the sculpture endures – process marks that are a unique personal history for each figure. Within the permanent bronze figure, transience is compressed to a single moment in time of concentrated energy. In this pursuit of expressing the intangible, I've developed unique sculptural surface qualities that utilize the extreme heat of the casting process to craze the surface with flashing and irregularities – implying the pressures of mortality upon the body.

The beeswax figures seen in line on the back wall are Intron Figures and can be seen in Studio Art.
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