Recombinant Shawn
2001. Bronze.
This figure was commissioned during the creation of my MFA work.
Recombinant figures explore psychological andexistential implication by repeating body parts within the body. The governingprinciple that I adopt to recombine each figure, although specific to thatfigure and my response to that model, should be given little weight beyond aninteresting aspect of the process of creation. Shawn's multiple ears relate to loneliness andover-introspection that were apparent in Shawn at that time. They are placedwith certain logic – arranged where I have gathered injuries from mountaineeringand martial arts. The patron saw the original Aluminum edition and asked that I cast one in bronze. I brought the surface to a high polish, sealed it with wax, allowing it to slowly shift tone over the course of decades. This form was a lovely complement to the Aluminum edition, and was included in my MFA Thesis show.
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