Sequential Clay
Bronze. Half life-size.
This is one of the half life-size figures I created and cast in the last semester of my MFA process, leading to my show of 22 figures. Prior to my final semester my grad committee lifted their ban on my working with the figure, effectively throwing down the gauntlet. The original figure was created in plastecine clay in one 6-hour session with the model. I cast the bronze figure using the University foundry in the traditional "Lost Wax" investment method. The figure is cast in one-shot, which requires a more complex system of gating & sprewing- but promotes the unique flashing quality to organically cover the figure. Also present are investment "chill" lines, weld lines, and core-pin holes. This alludes to the existential internal marks of life, symbolized on this figure as randomly promoted physical marks created in the moment of liquid bronze hitting the fragile mold.
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