2006. Artist Wayne Geary led this tile mural co-created with over 60 at-risk youth in YouthCity summer programming; I initiated, organized, funded, and retained oversight on the project.
As the director of The Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration at Salt Lake City, I created and acted as lead artist for a youth activity at a dedication event for the new Main Library pulling plaster hand-molds from hundreds of participating children. 
The children cast both their hands, taking one mold and leaving one. I worked with two assistanst in my shop, pulling wax forms from the plaster hand molds, and these were cast in bronze at a local foundry and welded into an 8' circle. 
The circle is housed in the children's section of the downtown Main Library.
Downtown bicycle racks are denoted by whirly gigs. I worked with the City to determine the scope of this project, and cooridinated YouthCity summer employment in the creation of the whirlygigs and repainting established bicycle racks. Whirlygigs are placed in numberous locations throughout the downtown of Salt Lake City.
A local artist was brought on board to lead in the creation of the whirlygig with YouthCity summer employment.
 Horizonte Instruction and Training Center’s large 4 story outdoor mural Saraswati with lead artist Ruby Chacon. An online powerpoint by Ms. Chacon can be seen here: http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/teknigal-184941-ruby-chacon-saraswati-student-project-mural-global-artways-horizonte-presentation1-others-misc-ppt-powerpoint/
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